Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"pipelines" vs. knowledge in the classroom

In the debate between skills-focused vs. content-focused, cognitive psychology tells us that content wins.

E.D. Hirsch, Jr. says:
”a coherent and cumulative early curriculum will raise in a systematic way the knowledge and the language of our students to a much higher level, and greatly narrow the unacceptable achievement gap between blacks and whites and between other demographic groups.” 
Not this so much:
“Rather than a common curriculum, learning platforms to come will support not just ‘multiple pathways’ but customized playlists.  Customized learning will be facilitated by comprehensive learning platforms surrounded by application and service ecosystems. Learning platforms will replace today’s learning management systems (LMS) that run flat and sequential courseware.  Like iPhone and Android, these platforms will unleash investment and innovation.  --  Tom Vander Ark
A "coherent and cumulative" curriculum is often lost in the push to employ the latest technology in our schools.

Robert Pondisco in The Core Knowledge Blog


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