Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tea party gets involved in school board elections

News from Utah
UTAH COUNTY -- Tea party activists are getting involved in school board elections across the country, including here in Utah. 
Utah tea party organizer David Kirkham says most of the time, it's more about being good citizens than victory for specific candidates.
"I really believe, and I think most tea partyers believe, if we have good people running for office and educate the voters, they will vote the right people into office," he said. "Our schools will be better, our city councils will be better, our Legislature will be better -- the whole state will be better for it."
Kirkham lives in Provo but says tea partyers got involved in the Alpine School District Board race last fall. A North Carolina school board got national attention when voters put in five conservative members to do away with socioeconomic policies they didn't like.
"The goal is to have well-educated children. In order to have well-educated children we need well-educated voters and we need well-educated people running for those school board offices," Kirkham said.
Kirkham says tea partyers he knows in Utah don't have a specific agenda for school board elections.
Apparently, any tea party connection to the North Carolina school board efforts to 'abolish integration' is weak.  However, the tea party idea of reducing government spending does seem to have taken hold among many public school activists here in New York and elsewhere.

Found at Instapundit, who writes 'YOU’LL SEE MORE OF THIS'

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  1. At the local level, most tax dollars are spent on education -- it dwarfs all other government expenditures. It is no surprise that the Tea Party would try to influence school board elections.