Monday, April 11, 2011

What ReShawn Biddle says about the gender gap in education

ReShawn Biddle at Dropout Nation:
As much time as we spend on the achievement gaps between white and minority students, the even more stunning gaps in achievement between young men and young women — a problem that defies race, ethnicity and economic status — is given short shrift. In doing so, we ignore the consequences of the gaps — and their underlying causes in the form of low literacy levels, overdiagnosis of learning disabilities among young men, the lack of strong male role models in classrooms during the elementary grades, and the overall crisis of low-quality teaching and curriculum throughout American public education — to the peril of both young men and the young women who will one day will be searching for mates to marry. And for Black America, the consequences can be seen in prisons, on street corners and in the lack of young black men in top positions in Corporate America and philanthropic settings. It is time to address this important achievement gap — or face the consequences.
I would agree that "low literacy levels" and "the overall crisis of low-quality teaching and curriculum throughout American public education" are some likely causes of this largely ignored problem.

Found at Why Boys Fail


  1. We haven't had strong male role models in the elementary schools since the early 1800's.

  2. Yes, which is a reason I don't believe the lack of male teachers is necessarily a cause for this problem we have. However, it might be a factor in the sense that many of these boys no longer have positive role models in their families, so adding more male teachers could play a role in addressing the issue.

  3. My son has a male teacher this year (3rd grade). I actually don't much care for him, but it is just one data point.

  4. I have some new perspectives on male vs. female teachers for middle school boys after having spent three days on an 8th grade class trip. Will post soon.