Monday, February 21, 2011

Local school health benefits

If I am reading the contract correctly, our local teachers pay 6.5% of their health insurance premium costs for both individual and family coverage.  In addition, if a teacher opts out of participating in the district health plan, she will receive 20% of the premium amount back as a payment.

New York State employees pay 10% of the premium for individual and 25% for family coverage.  In the private sector, employees on average pay 16% of the premium for individual coverage and 27% for family coverage.  (Source:  The Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits 2008 Survey, page 68)

Percent of premium paid by employee for individual coverage
Percent of premium paid by employee for family coverage
Local school
New York State
Private sector average

2/23/11 UPDATE

ADDEDWisconsin teachers pay 6%.
Walker is also doubling the amount state employees pay for their health care benefits, from 6 percent of their premium currently, to 12 percent of their premium.  (From the New York Times)

From our local teacher contract:
1.  Employer payment under the State Health Insurance Plan will be in the amount of (100%) of an individual policy and (100%) of a family policy.  The District reserves the right to change health insurance to an alternate carrier, provided that there be no diminution in benefits and that service be comparable.  Effective July 1, 2006 bargaining unit members will pay a percentage of the cost of health insurance according to the following schedule:  July1, 2006—5%, July 1, 2007—6%, July 1, 2008—6%, July 1, 2009—6.25% and July 1, 2010—6.5%

2.  Payment to GHI, HIP and Health Maintenance Organization Plan participants will be in a monetary payment equal to the amounts provided by the above amounts.

3.  Effective July 1, 1988 the Board will pay health insurance premiums in the amount of 70% for individual coverage and 50% for family coverage for teachers retiring after July 1, 1987.  Effective July 1, 1990 the Board’s contribution will be limited to the lesser of (a) the proportionate dollar increase in premiums for 1990-91 over 1989-90, or (b) ten percent (10%) above the proportionate dollar increase in premiums for 1990-91 over 2989-90.  The Board’s contribution will revert to the percentage paid prior to the institution of this clause (50% for individual coverage and 35% for family coverage) upon the teacher’s attaining eligibility for coverage under Medicare.

4.  The Board agrees to pay any active teacher eligible for full health insurance benefits, who is already covered by another health insurance plan 20% of the Board’s premium, family or individual, as eligible for each full year the teacher declines coverage under the District’s health insurance program.  Payment will be made at the conclusion of the one year period.

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