Monday, February 14, 2011

Westchester school tax groups aim for "critical mass"

As the economy has tanked over the past few years and property taxes in many communities have grown well into the five figures, taxpayer groups and individual advocates have increasingly been raising red flags over school spending and organizing to push for flat budgets.
Citizen groups have organized in the Bedford, Blind Brook and Chappaqua school districts. 
Until now, said Elinor Griffith, one of the leaders of the group, "it's sort of like everyone's inventing the wheel on their own." Now the groups are sharing information on things like New York labor law and strategies for getting information out. New Castle Citizens for Responsible Education recently started its Freeze the Budget blog after seeing the one in Blind Brook....
Albany also comes under fire for setting pension policy and, through the Triborough Amendment to the Taylor Law, allowing contract provisions to stay in place during negotiations. But the groups are encouraged now by the talk of passing a property tax cap. They're also encouraged they've found each other."If we can get critical mass," Marcus said, "I feel our voice becomes louder across the county and also locally." 

Here are some websites:

Blind Brook -

Chappaqua -

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