Saturday, May 7, 2011

E-books offer parents another solution for lost books

It happens a few times a year around our house.  A child has an English class assignment due the next day, but has either lost the relevant book or forgotten it at school.  (I'm talking about novels and other guided reading, not textbooks.)  Our options used to be to hope the local library was open and had an available copy of the book or to check the local bookstore*.  Now with ebooks we have another option to download the book instantly.  We have a Kindle and an iPod Touch, but of course an iPad, Nook or other e-readers would serve as well.

Within a few years, it's possible most reading will probably be done on on e-readers.  What will we do when our child loses his Kindle?

* Not such a good solution since our local bookstore shut down last month.


  1. After the bookstore closed, my kids were heartbroken. My oldest actually started crying one night at bedtime, saying that Kindles are destroying real books.

  2. Your kids' sad reaction is a testament to what you've done to encourage them to read so much, and bravo to you! But I have a feeling they'll adapt pretty quickly to e-books.